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Rapha rides Oslo.

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Random Thoughts

I usually hate taking joy in another’s misfortune, but not today.  I must say, I throughly enjoyed seeing Alberto Contador crack and break while climbing the Col du Galibier.  Maybe he didn’t eat right last night?  No meat on the menu?  Or I guess he just didn’t have the ‘stuff’.  But seriously, all jokes aside, he’s not nearly as impressive when he’s not doping.  Try as he might, he just didn’t have what it took…and I think that pretty much sums up his tour this year (though I guess he’s done okay, considering he’s spent more time on the pavement than on his bike).

  July 21, 2011 at 01:42pm

The Bizare Best of Le Tour de France

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  July 01, 2011 at 03:00pm

RVing - the only way to travel.

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Relevant to my life.

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Bikelash! Cops to crack down on two-wheelers in NYC ›

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  January 05, 2011 at 01:46pm

Helping cyclists

I am not a cyclist, nor is anyone in my family. I am saddened by the white bicycles and memorials to Austin cyclists who have lost their lives on our roads.

I wrote a letter to the previous mayor asking him to paint bicycle symbols on the shoulders of Loop 360, where many of the riders like to cycle, and received no response. My father told me not to give up and ask the new mayor for help.

Why can’t the city that has the world’s most famous cyclist, Lance Armstrong, apply some paint and help protect these people? If it’s a matter of money, I will be happy to start a fundraising effort to make this happen.

Tori Pylypec

Age 11

11 year old boy who asked why the city council doesn’t have bicycle signs painted on the Loop 360 road.  A beautiful road, that I might say, alot of cyclist ride on. (via onedropcolors)
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for caley

 Well balls, for me?!

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Tweed Rides | Enginerve Bike Blog

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