Anonymous asked: what do you love most about rosey?

Her hair.

Kidding, kidding.  I can’t pick just one quality or virtue, so I’ll ramble off a list.  Here we go…

She’s intelligent, well spoken, and likes to read.  At times she can be a handful and a little hard to deal with.  The way we are together and the way we interact with one another.  She doesn’t let me get away with things.  The way we can be silent together.  Her smile, her skin, and the way she smells.  Her eyes and the way she looks at me.  The way she nuzzles her head into my neck when we’re laying down and the way she drapes her leg across my body.  The way she dresses.  The way her lips taste, her eyebrows, her collar bones, her hip bones, the way she talks with her eyes, and the way she says my name.

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